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Anatomy of Songs

Sundsvall is a city ruled by two Gods, and she is the first to hear them both.

Bestowed the Songs of both Life and Death, Kasira Severen spends her days as a Daughter of Silba, curing the Lowtown of their ailments. When the sun sets, however, she becomes the city’s most notorious assassin. Now, under her father’s command, she’s hunting her biggest target yet.

Veridian Erris is the Crown Prince of Livadha, and he fears his whisky-fuelled life is about to end. With the bodies of soldiers piling up on the northern borders and nobles turning up dead on the docks, he has no choice but to try and broker peace with the exiled Queen. As long as he survives the attempts on his life before they arrive.

With dark twisting conspiracies, treacherous ancestors and a hair-raising night watcher stalking the streets, the two fated enemies have far more to be wary of than each other.